Carla Hernandez

Oak Grove School Board Member

South Bay Latino Giving Circle Member


“The Biden Administration has a responsibility to support the wellbeing of our families, workers, and children. I call on the Biden Administration to center the priorities of our communities by abolishing ICE, revolutionizing our healthcare system, and making education an accessible reality by using his executive power to forgive all student loans, subsidize college tuition, and invest in universal preschool. Immigration rights, healthcare accessibility and quality, and education accessibility are critical for the forward movement of our communities, the future of our families’ wellbeing, and the healing from Covid-19. Lastly, I hope for a Covid-19 stimulus package that can support the many families who are facing food and housing insecurities.”

Heliodoro Moreno

Immigration Attorney

Bay Area Mens Latino Giving Circle Member


“During the Biden Administration’s first 100 days, I want to see deliberate actions—not just exploratory committees—that dismantle the prior administration’s erosion of migrant rights and our immigration system. This must mean a depoliticization of the Immigration Courts and Board of Immigration Appeals. Migrants must be afforded the full panoply of Due Process rights, and they must also be treated with respect and dignity. The Administration must stop separating families, and instead create viable avenues for legalization for the millions of migrants who are not only assets—but essential—to the prosperity of our country.”

America Hernandez

Coordinator, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

Central Valley Latino Giving Circle Member


The Biden Administration has the unique opportunity to take critical steps toward reforming our outdated immigration system and providing a humane and equitable pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are essential workers. He can immediately start by providing work-permits and deferred action for all essential workers. Having these protections ensures a healthy workforce with access to critical care and services without fear, and is essential for the nation’s economic viability and stability.”

Elizabeth Parrot

San Francisco Latina Giving Circle Member


“For the first time Latinos were the largest minority voting bloc in the US, and Biden won over 7 in 10 of Latino votes nationwide – crucial in swing states. As such, the Biden administration needs to ensure the US government reflects our demographics (18% Latino) and most importantly, builds lasting social and economic policies and protection for the Latino community through the passage of laws. We cannot rely on executive orders, that can be easily overturned by a future administration. Latinos want change, not charity.”