Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Horvath

Helping others in the community can be rewarding and fulfilling. For Tom Horvath, volunteering at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is this and so much more. As a young boy in the
Boy Scouts, he was able to volunteer and serve at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. During this time, he found volunteer work to be “a very rewarding thing to do and a good use of my time.” It
wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that Tom found himself back at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

“I found I had some extra time on my hands and felt like I needed to do something to help the community out and started looking at a few volunteering programs. Once I saw the Food Bank needed help, and I remembered how much I enjoyed it, I decided to come help out.”

In addition to helping those in need, Tom believes his volunteer work has helped him grow as a person. “Volunteering at the Food Bank has made me feel like I have been making some sort of difference out in the world,” he says. “During the pandemic, I decided I was going to work at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank a few nights a week to help as much as I could. I learned a lot from that experience and felt I grew more as a person.”

Tom says he was nervous to volunteer at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank at first. Since he was the new person on the crew, he didn’t know what to expect or who he would be working with. “After I started helping on the floor, everyone started to become very personable and made me feel welcomed. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy going back time and time again.” Since volunteering at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Tom has been overwhelmed by the support of all the volunteers. “One thing I have always noticed when volunteering is the sense of community there. I always feel everyone enjoys working together and feels they are making a difference.”

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is incredibly thankful for the volunteers who give their time to help serve those in need in their community. Tom says the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank “has a great team of workers. You can tell they are passionate about what they do and care about everyone who is volunteering.”

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank! You are truly a gift to us.

If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please CLICK HERE.

Originally published by the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank: Source