Tiger Release

In October, our Indonesian partner, Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL), found a young female Sumatran Tiger, badly injured and caught in a poacher’s snare. The tiger was given immediate on-site medical treatment, but the team quickly realized the gravity of her wounds and rushed her to an intensive care unit. After getting stronger and healing for several weeks, the tiger, now named Malelang Jaya was released back into the wild. Watch her inspiring release:

She was lucky, but many species are not, as illegal poaching activities have been on the rise in the region. Rainforest Trust and FKL are working on a new project to safeguard 2,472 acres of intact forest for Sumatran Tigers, as well as Sumatran Orangutans and Asian Elephants.

Help Protect Habitat for Endangered Species.

Originally published by the Rainforest Trust: Source

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