Teacher Highlights: Laos

Photo description: Two students in Laos sit at a desk and complete assignments out of a workbook | Photo credit: Xeng Yang

Mr. Syphone

Mr. Syphone is an active teacher from the Phou Nor Wanh community and has been participating with the Pencils of Promise (PoP) Teacher Support (TS) program since 2018. Syphone is a teacher at Phou Nor Wanh Preschool and Primary school in the 4th and 5th grade, and also serves as the school’s principal.

Syphone has good experience with basic English knowledge. He joined PoP programs by attending the TS workshops and received high scores during the workshop assessments. He is a very open person, is friendly with other teachers and students and often uses fun activities he learned from PoP to motivate his students to learn in the classroom. From PoP’s observations, Syphone’s lesson delivery is excellent. He uses most of the techniques that he learned from PoP such as Classroom Management skills, games, materials provided by PoP and other strategies throughout the lessons.

Since he started attending PoP workshops, Syphone is seen as one of the most active teachers under PoP TS schools. During the school visit in April, Syphone told the PoP team, “I am so happy to be part of the PoP program and I would like PoP to continue supporting us like this in the future”.

Photo description: Students in a classroom in Laos sit at their desks while reading material written on the blackboard at the front of the classroom | Photo credit: Xeng Yang

Mrs. Vilaichanh

Mrs. Vilaichanh is the principal of San Si Preschool and Primary School, teaches English for both the 4th and 5th grade and joined the PoP TS program in 2019. After two years in the PoP program, she has shown significant improvement compared to her skills before attending PoP workshops.

From the several observations, Vilaichanh has been performing well in class during lesson delivery. She follows all steps that PoP reinforces, uses materials confidently and ensures that the materials are aligned with the lessons. She used to struggle with pronunciation of some English words at first but now she can pronounce the words correctly. Vilaichanh said, “I had very limited knowledge of English because when I was in high school and college, there was no English and only French. Now, English became the official subject in the education sector so everyone has to learn English. I try so hard but still there are a lot of improvements needed”. 

When PoP visited Mrs. Vilaichanh recently, she said that she is grateful for PoP’s support. PoP workshops and coaching sessions brought her a lot of knowledge. Vilaichanh is also very interested in PoP’s Teacher Support program for Lao language education and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). She said, “please continue supporting English and Lao programs to the schools that have needs”.

Photo description: Two students in Laos (with others pictured in the background) sit at their desk in a classroom and raise their hands to respond to a question asked by the teacher | Photo credit: Xeng Yang

Mrs. Silai

Silai is currently teaching the 4th and 5th grade at Hua Meuang Preschool and Primary School. She joined the PoP program in 2018 and is now in the last year of PoP’s TS program. The last three years provided time for her to improve her basic English knowledge and teaching skills.

Silai likes learning new things and her first priority is making lesson plans before teaching each class. She learned techniques from PoP, such as having students sing songs and creating a good atmosphere so that students can enjoy their class. “Students are always asking me to tell a story or sing a song before we start the lesson,” said Silai. From several observations, PoP’s team found that Silai’s students are very motivated and pay attention throughout the lesson.

Aside from the teaching environment she creates, she is also a fast learner. Silai said that she had very little experience in teaching English, but now she can read the words and sentences in the curriculum confidently. She feels more confident about teaching English to her students.

Silai has mentioned that the PoP workshops were very helpful and productive. “I learned the techniques and skills from both PoP trainer teams and from other experienced teachers who could share with everyone during the workshops,” said Silai.

You can learn more about PoP’s Teacher Support program here.

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