Teacher Abdul’s experience of Ebola and COVID-19 in Sierra Leone

“I am desperately looking forward to the school reopening. I am looking forward to having my kids back.

“The distance learning has helped them a lot. The support from Sightsavers is exquisite. During COVID-19 we didn’t have any other organisation giving social support, so it was very timely. The parents appreciate it so much, they are so happy. We have some girls whose parents refused to send them to school but because of Sightsavers’ work, and the support parents have seen us giving to their children, they have brought them back to school.

“When school is about to open, we have orientations sessions to train new teachers on including children with disability. I hope inclusive education will continue.

“There is some stress but it will not be like Ebola. The number of deaths was far higher than now. This time it will be different.”

During the Ebola epidemic, Sightsavers provided food to children with disabilities and their families, and worked closely with the government to support children with disabilities to get back to school when safe. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic we have been supporting children with disabilities to continue their learning through distance learning via national radio education programme. We have also provided hygiene kits, which include sanitary pads, bathing soaps, toothpaste, brush, towels, anti-perspirants and hand sanitisers.

The Education for All project was initially funded by the European Commission and is now funded by People’s Postcode Lottery.

Originally published Sightsavers: Source

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