Seeds of Peace mourns the death of Dr. Sa’eb Erekat

Seeds of Peace mourns the death of Dr. Sa’eb Erekat

Seeds of Peace mourns the loss of Dr. Sa’eb Erekat, who passed away from complications related to COVID-19.

Dr. Erekat was a member of the Seeds of Peace advisory board. His work as the lead Palestinian negotiator motivated Seeds from numerous delegations to pursue careers in mediation, negotiation, and peacebuilding.

“I am deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Erekat’s death,” said Father Josh Thomas, Seeds of Peace’s Executive Director. “Dr. Erekat was a committed supporter of the organization’s mission and its graduates. He strongly believed that while peace on paper might be negotiated by governments, any lasting peace would need to take root among young people.”

“Dr. Sa’eb Erekat taught me so much about the Middle East and plight of the Palestinian people,” said Seeds of Peace Senior Advisor Tim Wilson. “I also knew him as a husband and as a father, and he honored me by calling me his older brother. My memories will always be those wonderful Friday afternoon meals at his home in Jericho.”

Dr. Erekat sent three of his four children to the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine. He also engaged with Seeds at a variety of events, including the 1998 Seeds of Peace Villars Middle East Youth Summit in Switzerland, the 2007 Negotiation Summit in Neve Shalom – Wahat al-Salam, a 2011 Palestinian seminar following his return from helping make the historic Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations, and the GATHER Community Day Palestine event in Jericho in 2016. He also met with many Palestinian Delegations to the Seeds of Peace Camp.

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