Saluting Our Heroes

On Veterans Day, we would like to take a moment to honor and salute our heroes. Veterans and active-duty military families make significant sacrifices — access to nutritious food shouldn’t be one of them.   

In partnership with local military organizations, Feeding San Diego serves and supports veterans and military families through our Feeding Heroes initiative.  

San Diego County is home to 143,000 active-duty military, 260,000 military dependents, 243,000 veterans, and 583,000 family members of veterans – one of the largest concentrations of veterans and military personnel in the world. Although the families of military members stationed in San Diego do not necessarily choose where they live, they face the reality of the high cost-of-living. The cost of living in San Diego compounded with the weight of the current COVID-19 pandemic, has led many veterans and military families to look to Feeding San Diego for the first time.  

We met Yasuyo at a recent visit to a distribution Feeding San Diego hosts for veterans and military families, in partnership with the YMCA Armed Services. Yasuyo has been in the Navy since 2006. She recently returned from deployment and has been spending this precious time with her 11-year-old daughter. “My daughter has been very emotional the past few months because she hasn’t been able to hang out with her friends. This distribution helps keep her well-fed and healthy. She would usually eats the free school meals, but now that kids are at home, I need to make sure she’s eating nutritious food. It’s great that Feeding San Diego is helping the Armed Services. Thank you so much for supporting us during this difficult time.”  

Thank you for all you do. 

To learn more about our Feeding Heroes initiative or to support our campaign, please click here.

Originally published by Feeding San Diego: Source