New Board Member – Okema Jackson

Written by 21CL Youth Ambassador Lindsey Falvo, Hillgrove High School, Class of 2022

Hello! My name is Lindsey Falvo, and I am a Junior at Hillgrove High School. I have been involved with 21st Century Leaders for two years and loved every moment of it. So, when Ms. Meadows asked me to interview a 21st Century Leader Board member, I was absolutely thrilled. I got the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Okema Jackson, and hope you find her story as interesting as I did.

Ms. Jackson started off by telling me about how her life did not start off exactly as planned. She lived in New York City when she was younger and moved to Alabama during high school. This was a big lifestyle change for her, and even though at the time it did not seem ideal, she is now grateful for the change it brought. That drastic change forced her to think outside the box in order to grow her career and led her to where she is today, a Vice President at WarnerMedia in Atlanta where she oversees a marketing operations function.

One of my biggest takeaways from the conversation with Ms. Jackson was her perspective on the qualities of a good leader. She stated that leaders do not always have to be someone with a powerful title. Leaders are created when people guide those who they do not have to listen to, but rather choose to because they value your perspective and respect the time you have put in along with the example you set.

Like everyone, Ms. Jackson struggles with a lack of motivation at times, so to keep herself moving forward, she pauses to take a moment to ground herself. She recommends to remember your value to each situation. Every person has something unique to give to each circumstance, and you must realize the value of that uniqueness. And always remember that, “Not one moment defines your success.”

Looking forward, she is very excited to bring a new perspective to the table and collaborate with her fellow board members to develop 21st Century Leaders even in these uncertain times.

I am beyond grateful to have had such an interesting conversation with Ms. Jackson, and even more grateful to have relayed the conversation to an audience, because I feel these words are very beneficial for fellow leaders trying to make a difference in the world. The words and advice she offered should be remembered by every striving leader as they work to achieve their goals in life. So, the next time you are facing the unknown, questioning your value, or struggling with motivation, remember the influential words of the inspirational Ms. Okema Jackson.

Originally published by 21st Century Leaders: Source