KPBS: Leaders From Large Urban School Districts Criticize Governor’s Plan To Reopen Elementary Schools

January 8, 2021 – Joe Hong of KPBS writes about the plan to reopen San Diego schools and the concern that the Governor’s plan will disproportionately benefit wealthier districts. Managing Attorney John Affeldt is quoted:

“I think the governor deserves credit for pushing this conversation and not giving up on this year and figuring out a way to incentivize a way for schools to reopen,” said Affeldt, who works for the Bay Area-based Public Advocates law firm.

But Affeldt said he understands the concerns of Marten and the other superintendents. He says the solution is to allow districts in areas with low case counts to reopen while providing additional support to those in areas with high case counts.

He said the state needs to work with districts to achieve both goals at the same time and “open as many schools as we can and make sure we’re giving extra attention to the communities that are hardest hit so we can give those schools the chance to also reopen as quickly as possible.”

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Originally published by Public Advocates: Source