In Memory of John Garrick

Late last year, the field of risk analysis lost a pioneer and longtime leader, B. John Garrick. Garrick helped develop the field, first in the nuclear power industry and then later across a wide range of other domains, including global catastrophic risk. He was also a colleague and a friend of GCRI, who contributed to our work as one of our senior advisors. He will be dearly missed by many, including all of us at GCRI.

As histories of risk analysis document (e.g. this and this), the field originated in large part in the early nuclear power industry. Garrick was right in the middle of this with his work at his risk consulting firm PLG, as well as at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board, and the Society for Risk Analysis. His early work on the concept of risk remains highly relevant today and is an essential read for anyone new to the field of risk analysis.

Garrick’s contributions to global catastrophic risk are
numerous. In 2009, he published the book Quantifying
and Controlling Catastrophic Risks
, which outlines a framework for
applying quantitative risk analysis techniques to catastrophic risk that
inspired GCRI’s own work on risk and decision
. In 2014, Garrick helped found the Garrick Institute for the Risk
at UCLA. The Institute has hosted annual conferences on GCR and
published conference proceedings (see this
and this).
GCRI participated in these conferences and contributed two papers (this
and this).

For further information on Garrick’s illustrious career,
please see this
from the Garrick Institute.

We at GCRI send our heartfelt condolences to the Garrick
family, and we look forward to maintaining a strong relationship with our
colleagues at the Garrick Institute.

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