Last year taught us that anyone, at any time, in any circumstance, can face hunger. As many visit food pantries for the first time, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank remains committed to serving the needs of everyone who is hungry in our communities.

People like Jeanine,  who raised three children and worked hard during that time to make ends meet. Times changed for her though. Now she is an empty nester and is unable to work after 47 years. Jeanine now finds it hard to make ends meet each month and make payments on bills. “When rent and heat bills went up, it took away from my food money,” she said.

Jeanine turned to the Food Bank for help. “Knowing I can get help for food, that’s a plus. It’s not there to replace everything, but it’s there to help you along.”

Jeanine believes the Food Bank is a “vital part of the community” and encourages selfless giving and sharing. “Sharing is very, very important,” she says. “I believe it’s really something everybody should learn to do in their life.”

With the food Jeanine has been able to get from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, she has made many delicious meals. “The produce is amazing! Every time I see those vegetables and all of that produce, I think of the things I can do with it — make a salad, etc.”

Jeanine is thankful to everybody involved in helping to provide food, not just for her, but for others in similar situations, especially throughout the pandemic. “This has been wonderful because everybody gets a meal.”

How can you lend a helping hand?

  • Support our efforts as we feed seniors in need by donating today.
  • Host your own Virtual Food Drive and help many more of your neighbors in need by raising funds for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Every dollar counts!
  • Give the gift of time by volunteering. Volunteerism is critical to the core mission of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and our partner agencies.