How we implement clean water

Emil Ekvardt from  recently interviewed our CPO and former CEO, Rich, as part of their ‘ Talks With… podcast.

In this podcast, Rich discusses how Water for Good secures the long-term health of water infrastructure in the Central African Republic. The Central African Republic is a small, landlocked former French colony. Since decolonization, it has been plagued by political instability. This has prevented clean water from reaching the people who need it most.  We are the boots on the ground, working to maintain the country’s water infrastructure. Rich explains that the real work begins after water pumps have been installed. As donors, we should focus less on initial access to water and more on the complex issue of sustainability. The average Central African cares much more about the long-term health of his child than having fresh water for 18 months.

Listen to the whole interview to find out how Water for Good has discovered a recipe for effective sustainability in one of the world’s poorest nations. 

Originally published by Water for Good: Source

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