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Heart to Heart International is a global humanitarian organization based in Lenexa which works to improve health and to respond to the needs of disaster victims worldwide.


Heart to Heart International was founded in 1992 by Dr. Gary Morsch and other Rotary Club members who delivered medication to victims of Chernobyl disaster in Russia. In 27 years, it has shipped over $1.7 billion in humanitarian aid to more than 130 countries. A large focus of HHI's mission is disaster response, and HHI has been a first responder to disasters all over the world. Heart to Heart International's headquarters is located in Lenexa, Kansas.[1]

In 2016, Heart to Heart created the PowrServ division, which hosts corporate team building events.[1]

Past projects

Middle East

Heart to Heart currently has teams deployed in Cyprus and Jordan that are handing out water-purification tablets and medical aid supplies to refugee camps.


When the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Java, Heart to Heart mobilized its network to reach out to those in Yogyakarta and Bantul. Not only are water and medical supplies being passed out to those in need, but intermediate general hygiene and healthcare is being offered. Several airlifts have been delivered to the region, and aid will continue to come in as the quality of life improves.

New Orleans

When Hurricane Katrina hit, Heart to Heart was one of the first humanitarian organizations to be down in the Gulf Coast. For several weeks and months after the hurricane hit, free medical clinics were operated throughout the region. At the local clinics, there continues to be around 100 people served a day.

Heart to Heart International recently purchased a prototype, state-of-the-art mobile medical clinic, fully furnished to expand into a modern medical clinic on wheels. As soon as the fabrication for the mobile medical clinic was finished, it was sent down to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. It continues to serve there to this day.


When the 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck the province of Sichuan, China, Heart to Heart was one of the first foreign NGOs to respond. An emergency operations command center was set up in the provincial capital of Chengdu and has been the heart of relief efforts in the affected areas. The main goal of Heart to Heart during this time is finding and filling needs in a way that opens doors for long-term cooperative engagement leading to rebuilding lives and communities. After initial efforts of search and rescue and general medical relief, Heart to Heart has begun to look to the long-term task of rebuilding the area around Chengdu.

Tajikistan airlift

On October 25, 2005, Heart to Heart International in a partnership with Physicians with Heart Airlifts delivered over $8 million worth of medical supplies.

Uzbekistan airlift

During the month of October, 2002, Heart to Heart International partnered again with Physicians with Heart Airlifts to airlift around $10 million worth of pharmaceuticals to hospitals in need. After the airlift was completed, there was a commemoration service for the work that had been accomplished in this country.

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