Forward Justice

A strategic partner for nonprofit organizations, coalitions, and networks at the forefront of movements organizing for a more just, equitable, and free South.


Durham NC – EIN 812450800

We are organizers, lawyers, creatives, strategists and directly impacted people dedicated to ensuring that the ‘we’ in We the People is truly inclusive and representative of ALL Americans.

Our work catalyzes success for movements and expands democratic opportunities for people affected by injustice. The victories we achieve together accelerate national change.

Forward Justice is committed to three interconnected theories of change:
– Social movements create transformative change
– Some of our most potent social movements were birthed in the South
– Social movements have directly impacted leadership at the moral center.



IRS data by ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer


DURHAM, NC 27701-3233 | Tax-exempt since Sept. 2018
  • EIN: 81-2450800
  • Classification (NTEE)
    Alliance/Advocacy Organizations (Crime, Legal-Related)
  • Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 501(c)(3)
    Defined as: Organizations for any of the following purposes: religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition (as long as it doesn’t provide athletic facilities or equipment), or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.
  • Donations to this organization are tax deductible.
Fiscal year ending

Dec. 2018

Fiscal year ending Dec.




Form 990 documents available

Extracted filing data is not available for this tax period, but Form 990 documents are available for download.

Fiscal year ending

June 2018

Fiscal year ending June




Full Text

990 (filed on May 30, 2019)

Full Filing



Total Revenue


Total Functional Expenses $976,002
Net income $1,614,096
Notable sources of revenue Percent of total revenue
Contributions $2,549,150 98.4%
Program services $0
Investment income $0
Bond proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Rental property income $14,163 0.5%
Net fundraising $0
Sales of assets $0
Net inventory sales $0
Other revenue $26,785 1.0%
Notable expenses Percent of total expenses
Executive compensation $192,000 19.7%
Professional fundraising fees $0
Other salaries and wages $282,554 29.0%
Total Assets $1,755,188
Total Liabilities $0
Net Assets $1,755,188

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