For Nonprofits

We are a donation platform presenting 500 selected nonprofits in a unique way, incorporating (as available) a Wiki page, Twitter feed, and YouTube videos. If the site has an RSS feed, a portion of it is converted to blog posts.

PROFILED NONPROFITS - We request a PayPal email address to deliver funds via PayPal Payouts. The full amount is sent minus:
- Stripe's 2.9% + .30¢ processing fee,
- PayPal's.25¢ Payouts fee. (2% for Payouts outside the US),
- any optional tip.

You will receive immediate email notification of the donation time, date and amount. Notifications can go to any email of your choice.

Please use the search box to find your content and:
approve your profile without changes. or
approve your profile with changes.

To remove your content, send an email from an address containing the organization's URL. We'll respond promptly.


Nonprofits not yet profiled and wishing to be considered, please submit this form.

Thank you.

Give to all Judicial Equality Fund nonprofits. Donations are divided equally among them. The minimum donation is $150. Thank you!
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