Food Unaccompanied by a Voice; a Door Always Open

COVID-19 has brought on many changes to how we all operate daily, and the effects of the pandemic continue to impact more and more members of our community. Campuses are closed for the school year; restaurants and businesses prepare for a long road to recovery; and countless workers face the reality of layoffs, furloughs and missed paychecks.

The result — many families find themselves turning to Hawaii Foodbank for the first time in their lives.

Since the onset of the pandemic, demand for food assistance in Hawaii has increased by more than 60 percent — and that number continues to rise. Hawaii Foodbank now faces the unprecedented challenge of providing food for those affected by COVID-19 while continuing to support the 1 in 8 Hawaii residents already struggling with hunger.

It’s an ominous task, but we remain undaunted in our role as Hawaii’s leading hunger relief organization — and it’s because of our community’s steadfast support.

Originally published by Hawaii Foodbank: Source