Discover The Oasis 2021 Online Event

We’re regretful that we aren’t seeing you in person for this year’s Discover The Oasis event, we really MISS you and the birds do too!

Because people may still be facing economic hardships, we are offering you this experience at no cost again this year. Our hope is that these activities bring you closer to the mission of The Oasis and bring some joy to your day.

We realize that this past year has been difficult and frustrating for many. We all need a little extra fun, don’t you think? That’s exactly what we had in mind as we created this action-packed agenda. No RSVP or registration is needed, just take a break and join us. Watch the videos at your own pace, browse and bid at the online auction throughout the weekend and consider making a donation, purchasing an event shirt or Sockatoo. These donations and sales will help raise some critical funds missed from the cancelled in-person event.

And here we go……

Discover The Oasis Online experience is comprised of three sessions with a feature presentation. Each session is approximately 30 minutes in length and contains a mix of behind the scenes, aviary visits, ways to support The Oasis, educational and fun video activities, Oasis updates and feature presentations. You’ll also see some familiar faces who have special messages to share, so make sure you watch the entire video session so you don’t miss anything.

The sessions will be available for viewing starting May 15.

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