BottleDrop: Recycling to Fight Hunger

In 2015 Oregon Beverage Recycling Collective started its Blue Bag Bottle Drop program to partner with nonprofit organizations. Each organization gives donors Blue Bags to fill with bottles and cans that can be dropped off at any recycling facility in the community. “The Bottle Drop Give Program is really just a win-win for nonprofits and for the environment,” says Liz Philpott, PR & BottleDrop Give Program Coordinator.

In 2018 Oregon Food Bank joined the partnership program. Donors reach out to the Community Philanthropy team to request information about the program and receive their Blue Bags. Each full bag can provide approximately 21 meals to our community. 

In addition to funds raised through the Blue Bag Bottle Drop Program, Oregon Food Bank received additional donations through the newly created 2020 OBRC Emergency Fund. A total of $175,000 was raised for Oregon Food Bank and OBRC generously donated an additional $25,000 to help bring the total to $200,000.

Oregon Food Bank also benefits from individuals giving through their personal accounts in the Green Bag Program. In 2020, 557 individuals made donations totaling over $22,000.

Originally published by the Oregon Food Bank: Source

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