RedRover (organization)

RedRover is an animal welfare nonprofit that focuses on bringing animals from crisis to care and strengthening the human-animal bond. It was founded (as 'United Animal Nations') in Sacramento, California in 1987.[1][2] It is not affiliated with United Animal Nations (International) based in Switzerland.[3]


Through its volunteer-driven RedRover Responders program (formerly Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)), RedRover temporarily shelters animals displaced during disasters across the United States and Canada.[citation needed] In 2005, 435 EARS volunteers cared for more than 2,100 animal victims of Hurricane Katrina and later, Hurricane Rita at six locations in three states.[citation needed] In June 2008, RedRover deployed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to care for nearly 900 animals displaced by historic flooding there.[citation needed] In 2015, RedRover Responders were involved in sheltering and nursing back to health of 166 dogs and cats in Adams County, Ohio.[4][5] Volunteers from RedRover together with others from Rescue Rebuild converted rooms in an emergency support housing shelter in Longview, Washington, to make them “pet-friendly” to better meet the needs of survivors with pets, in 2016.[6] In 2019, Red Rover volunteers deployed to El Dorado County for a 7-day rescue effort which saw 300 animals rescued.[7]

RedRover's Relief Program helps pet owners and Good Samaritans obtain urgent veterinary care for animals in life-threatening situations.[8]


The RedRover Responders Program temporarily shelters and cares for animals displaced by natural disasters and other crises, such as criminal seizures and hoarding cases, in the United States and Canada.[3][9]

The RedRover Relief Program (formerly LifeLine Grant Program) provides funding to pet owners and Good Samaritans to help them care for animals in life-threatening situations.[3]

RedRover's Readers Program fosters compassion and empathy for animals and empowers people to make choices that improve animal lives.[3]


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