An American Murder in Istanbul: Justice for Halla

Reported by: Fariba Nawa, James Gordon Meek, Pete Madden and Aaron Glantz

Produced by: Chris Harland-Dunaway

 Lead producer: Chris Harland-Dunaway; Coordinating Producer: Aaron Glantz

Edited by: Taki Telonidis

Production manager: Najib Aminy

Production assistance: Amy Mostafa and Brett Simpson

Sound design and music by: Jim Briggs and Fernando Arruda. Oud and percussion player: April Centrone.

Mixing:  Jim Briggs and Fernando Arruda

Executive producer: Kevin Sullivan

Host: Al Letson

Episode illustration courtesy of Molly Crabapple

Special thanks: ABC’s Cindi Galli, Engin Bas, Nicky DeBlois, Jake Lefferman, Ashley Louszko, Matthew McGarry, Beril Eski, Asma Al Omar and Karem Inal. Also to Breakdown Services.

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Originally published by Reveal – a project of the Center for Investigative Reporting: Source

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