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Radfunds groups a curated mix of progressive & humanitarian nonprofits as Funds. Donors can give to any one, or to the whole Fund. Over 400 nonprofits are shown now, about 1000 will be included when the site is fully built-out.

There is a 4% platform fee.

Take it in at a glance

Research Made Easy — Even Fun

Radfunds makes it easy to discover why these organizations are worthy of your funds.

Profiles include large images, descriptions, and annual tax returns courtesy of ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer. Most profiles also display their Wiki page, Twitter Feed, and YouTube videos.

For nonprofits having RSS feeds, we converted a small sample into blog posts grouped by Fund, to provide donors further insight.

Give to all Judicial Equality Fund nonprofits. Donations are divided equally among them. The minimum donation is $150. Thank you!

Curated Funds of Related Nonprofits

Radfunds groups 8-12 efficient nonprofits doing related work into Funds. Donate to any organizations in a Fund, or to all of them at once.

Our Funds target: Racial Justice, Climate, Gender Equality, Hunger, Housing, Infectious Disease, Conservation, Disaster Relief, Indigenous Health, Elders, Youth Opportunity, Judicial Equality,  Species Extinction, Living Local, Drug Legalization, and Progressive Media.

And not least—Political Action to address root causes. Donations to this Fund are not tax deductible.

All Your Donations in One Place

Your Dashboard

Track your single and recurring donations. Download receipts or halt recurring donations any time.

Tip the Scales

Give to a spectrum of nonprofits addressing the same issue in various ways

A Balanced Mix

A curated mix of organizations in each fund—with a focus on effectiveness without duplication.


Our service is evolving. The mix of nonprofits in each fund will vary over time.

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