Hunger. Homelessness. Racism. Sexism.  Political oppression. Unregulated capitalism. Environmental collapse. Disaster relief. Disease. Systemic poverty.

Which nonprofits work most effectively to address the issues confronting life on this planet?  What is their story?

By incorporating  (as available) the Org's Wikipedia page, Twitter feed, YouTube videos, tax returns and blog posts, Radfunds offers a quick, deep dive into their history, mission, goals and achievements.

Most of those profiled are US-based 501c3 organizations - donations are fully deductible. Some are politically active 501c4 groups or based outside the US - these donations are not deductible. Every donation form and receipt  specifies which.

There is no platform fee taken out of the donation. A 4% tip is optional.


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Site Tips

- The tabs below the Org's description contain a wealth of information. You can start a video, then continue listening to the audio portion while reading the Org's tweets, Wiki page or tax returns summary.

- Tax return data (the Returns tab) is from ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer. This includes executive compensation as a proportion of expenses. Following the 990 form PDF link and scrolling almost to the bottom usually reveals the Schedule J, which shows individual executive compensation.

- The News section is created from RSS feeds. We scan for one post per day. At the bottom of each post is a link to its source. If you find a source you like, consider subscribing to their blog feed.

- Share links are at the bottom of each post. If you don't see the network you wish to use, click the last icon to the right for dozens of additional sharing options.

- Start an account to save Favorites, get quick access to your Donation History, and speed up future donations with pre-populated fields. However, no account is required. Visit Donation History and provide an email address, then verify this address by clicking the link sent to access your history.

- The issues overlap significantly, and many of these Orgs could be posted in three or four categories. Consider the categories as a rather general grouping.


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Like many others, I've been preoccupied for years with the deteriorating state of our culture and planet.

In 2012 I hosted a talk show called Sane Society on Berkeley Community Media, and spoke with many Bay Area nonprofits and academics. Some interviews are incorporated into the Videos tabs of this site:
- Institute of Noetic Sciences
- International Forum on Globalization
- SEVA Foundation
- Food First
- Pacific Institute
- Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture
- Entheogenic Research, Integration, & Education
- The Post Carbon Institute
- Seacology
- GRID Alternatives
- Waldorf Education

When the pandemic hit in mid-March, I isolated for months with my wife and teenage son and began researching an array of progressive and humanitarian nonprofits. Radfunds is the result.

Tom Palmer, founder


930 Dwight Way #7
Berkeley, CA 94710

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