5 ways to a happier 2021

Need a mental health boost? We get it! A lot of things feel out of our control, but there are things you can do to feel engaged and connected to one another–while remaining safe! Here are five ways to make 2021 a happier year for you AND the people who turn to the Food Bank!

  1. VOLUNTEER: The act of volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger, anxiety and depression, improves self-confidence and provides a sense of purpose. 
  2. BE SOCIAL: Follow us on social media at @foodbankccs and see with your own eyes the good work being done in our community! It’s good for restoring your faith in humanity. 
  3. BRING OUT THE BEST IN OTHERS: Encourage your friends, families and colleagues to get involved in their community by starting a food drive. By nature, most people want to help, and sometimes all they need is a call to action and a little nudge.
  4. ENTER OUR RECIPE CHALLENGE: Submit a healthy 10-ingredient-or-less recipe to the Food Bank at [email protected] and it could be featured in an upcoming edition of REfresh. You just might become Food Bank famous!
  5. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: Check on your neighbors, friends and family and if they are struggling financially, let them know about resources available to them at foodbankccs.org/getfood.

Originally published by Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano: Source

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